Designed for the pilot who doesn't run away from a fight, combat ships cover a wide range of roles and gameplay styles. From flying a single-seat fighter to manning a turret aboard a multi-crew bomber, no two ships provide the same combat experience. This diverse range of combat ships allow pilots to engage the enemy on their terms


Transport ships shuttle precious cargo across the Empire and are the lifeblood of interstellar commerce. For those willing to handle the inherent risks, they're ideal ships for earning credits and seeing the sights. These ships are specialized to handle either cargo, passengers or data, and can be used for jobs that fall on both sides of the law.


Boldly venture into the unknown aboard an exploration ship. If a pilot has an adventurous spirit, these are the ships that allow them to journey where few dare to go, whether they are seeking new sights in the vast reaches of space or traveling the untamed surface of a moon.


Resources abound across the universe but most ships aren't equipped to take advantage of them. Industrial ships are highly specialized to do tasks others can't. Mining vessels extract raw resources while salvage ships retrieve valuable parts and materials from shipwrecks. Science ships study the cosmos and agricultural ships grow crops. All together, this hardworking class of vehicles provides unique opportunities for those who want to do more than fight, trade, or explore.


Support ships provide assistance to those in need. Medical ships give aid to the injured, refueling ships keep vessels going, repair ships mend damage, and media ships capture events for history's sake. These ships will be essential additions to a well-rounded fleet or for those who want to use their services to earn credits.


Competition ships are built for those who have a need for speed. These fast and agile ships are designed to weave through a tight gap one moment and blast across the finish line the next. Whether pilots are looking to win the next Murray Cup or escape a sticky situation, these are the ships for them.

Ground Vehicles

With the massive size of Star Citizen's planets and moons, a vehicle is essential to covering all that ground. There are exploration vehicles that can handle rugged terrain, buggies built for combat, speeders for racing, and much more.


Some ships are so versatile that they defy categorization and excel on multiple fronts. For instance, they can provide large cargo capacity and intimidating combat capabilities. Pilots can be ready for whatever comes their way with one of these multi-purpose ships.