Star Citizen News

Star Citizen news and patch notes will be posted here after every big update or milestone. Click the images below for the latest news available. Be sure to also check out the rest of our site for information regarding Star Citizen referral codes, ships, squadron 42, and the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. Official Star Citizen news can be found on the Star Citizen COMM-Link. The star citizen COMM-Link contains all past and future communications directly from Cloud Imperium Games. This includes: This Week in Star Citizen, Roadmap Roundups, Portfolios, Event News, Upcoming ships, and many more articles of information. The COMM-Link can be found at

Another source of news is the Star Citizen Roadmap, which is updated on a weekly basis. You can check out upcoming development timelines for Star Citizen's Persistent Universe as well as development on Squadron 42. The Star Citizen Roadmap can be used in a variety of way to show how progress is being make on Star Citizen and Squadron 42. With the ability to look at the individual categories and see the tasks remaining on them, the roadmap can be used as a great tool to find out how long a feature could take to implement into the game. The roadmap can be found at

Currently, the roadmap for Squadron 42 is being redesigned, and will not be updated regularly for the time being. The Squadron 42 roadmap is receiving a complete overhaul, which will better show how progress on Squadron 42 is being made. When the new and improved roadmap is done, it will be updated on a regular basis. CIG has stated that

"Our new Public Roadmap will instead do what we intended to do when we first deployed the current one: show you more of what we are doing. That means we intend to show you what our developers are working on every sprint. This is a big sea change. Instead of a curated set of features, tech, or content we have confidence in delivering by a set time, we want to show you everything…or nearly everything. There will obviously be things we keep behind closed doors, such as big spoilers like the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] for Squadron 42. Plus, there will be some teams that are in R&D or ideation for things that are just way too early to talk about, and we feel revealing that would just create unhelpful noise and speculation. But our intention is to show you what every team at CIG is working on if we can."